Is engagement marketing replacing traditional advertisement?

There is more and more talk about engagement marketing replacing old-school advertising methods. But why is that so?

People are getting sick of advertising

More and more people now don’t want brands to force them to listen to their message. This is specially true for younger generations. They dislike it when companies directly push messages their way. What they want instead is to be the ones that actively choose what to engage with.

instead advertising use engagement marketing as a less intrusive way to reach your audience
If your message is just one of thousands that are pushed in your audience’s faces, there is a big chance they will ignore it.

Today, we see thousands of messages each day and have learned to ignore most of them. Let’s be honest, we all switch TV channels when commercials come on, and often unfollow pages that push too much ads. We even pay for premium subscriptions for apps and pages to stop seeing promotional content

“84% of millennials say that they don’t like advertising at all.

Survey by MCcarthy group

So what does that mean for brands and companies that used to rely on marketing and paid advertisements through various channels?

Quality over quantity 

To make sure the messages you put out are actually something your audience likes, means you will have to put more thought into it. People prefer to engage with brands and messages that they feel are speaking directly to them. This means that, you will need to personalize your content a bit to make it more engaging. Rather then promoting a lot of vague content, think about the value you provide. Be clear and transparent about your message and brand. Keep in mind your values and focus on communicating it clearly to your audience. Above all, think of ways how you can provide some additional value to your customers life and make them feel more included. Consequently, that will make them want to engage with you more. 

be brave think differently and engage your audience

Don’t be afraid to try new methods! Fortune favors the bold, and so does the audience!

Make it valuable, fun, interesting and engaging

Making a good engagement marketing strategy means thinking of your customer first. Getting to know and understand your audience is a crucial step. Yes, having all the statistics about your customers like demographic and behavior habits is important, but don’t forget to go a step deeper. Understand what they feel, need and how they think. After all, there is a reason they are your customers already. Focus on building further on that relationship by emphasizing the things you already provide to them and problems you solve. 

Providing more custom experience and speaking directly to them is the key to good engagement marketing strategy. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation with you audience, they will thank you for it and reward you with trust and loyalty! 


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